Sri Murughan Ghee

Sri Murugan Ghee


Sri Murugan Ghee Stores,was established by Shri A. V. Shanmugam in the early 1950s and the business initially was limited to offering pure Buffalo Ghee. Soon however, recognising the quality of the product, customers started demanding a wider range of products. This spurred the introduction and growth of a full range of products encompassing all the important Indian milk products such as Butter, Paneer, Cream, Khova and Curd. 

Shri Shanmugam’s strict dictates for quality in production pushed the brand as a firm favourite above all the others. As the popularity grew by leaps and bounds, Sri Murugan Ghee as a company also grew to match the demand. The production process at Sri Murugan Ghee meets the highest standards in food production including Agmark Verifications and ISO 22000 Certifications of excellence.

The mantle for quality has passed on to the next generation at Sri Murugan Ghee now and is led by Shri V.S. Jawahar and Brothers who are dedicated to upholding the values of the company. They are visionaries who have placed Sri Murugan Ghee in the most noticeable and important position in the market today. Sri Murugan Stores towers over peers and the success and growth of the business is a standing testimony to the relentless endeavours of some truly exemplary business trendsetters.


To progress with an enhanced drive, focusing our acclaimed history of unmatchable product quality, and strive relentlessly to reach beyond continental barriers

As an ethically bound company, we always work towards building better sustainable partnerships with our vendors who are the farmers and since we abide by our assurances for quality, our Clients know they can operate with trust.


We are an innovative, dynamic and socially responsible company determined to give healthy food choices everywhere to everyone. Day by day we strive to offer compromise-free products that we give to our own children and a superb service to our clients along the supply chain.


Sri Murugan Ghee Stores is an ISO-22000 certified company and our flagship product Sri Murugan Ghee is a branded Agmark Special Grade product.


In order to ensure consistency and eliminate all possible contaminants in our products, all our raw material is sourced from local and neighbouring farmers of repute and a thorough pre-inspection and testing of the produce is done. Testing for purity and contamination is done in our well equipped certified lab, through well qualified and experienced laboratory professionals and bacteriologists. Once the produce is analysed and declared ready, it is machine processed through a complete system of automation and at no stage are the products touched by human hands. The final products are retested and upon their clearance are then packed for distribution.