Sri Murugan Ghee


Our Story

For about 70 years Sri Murugan Ghee Stores has been producing the highest grade of pure ghee, maintaining top quality and customer satisfaction has been the supreme motto.

Being the first ones to introduce the concept of ‘brown granular ghee’ in the state drew in attention to the brand. Walking with the digital era, you can place orders through our website, you can also connect with us through facebook and instagram or hit the chatbox in our website.

“While walking through the callouts of the vegetable vendors the aroma of the ghee draws me towards your store” is one of our fondest feedback that we received from our regulars. 

As our identity continues to rest upon the purity of the ghee, we now offer a wide range of dairy products including paneer, khowa, curd, buttermilk, etc. 

Our History

Sri Murugan Ghee is a name that originates past decades and has become synonymous to what we call ultimate purity.

Establishing a ghee store was a brainchild of Mr.A.V.Shanmugham who at the age of 13 joined his father’s butter making business, further into the business he felt the need for pure and fresh ghee in the city which made him  transform the butter store into a ghee business.  

Being keen on his vision and determined to produce supreme quality ghee he cycled around the city to sell his product. As the demand grew he started off the production and sale in a small store in the hustling lanes of badichowdi which now has transformed into the iconic landmark of the area.  


As one of the leading ghee manufacturers, our mission is to maintain quality, proper hygienic conditions , promotion of good health through premium quality and last but not the least, affordability.


Preserving the legacy of producing top notch ghee and maintaining customer satisfaction through ease of accessibility.