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Sri Murugan Ghee is a term that has become associated with what we refer to as pristine purity. Mr. A.V. Shanmugham, who joined his father's butter manufacturing company when he was 13 years old, envisioned opening a ghee store. He sensed the demand for pure and fresh ghee in the city as his company grew, so he converted the butter store into a ghee business.

The Pioneer In
Rich Granular Ghee

Being the first company in the twin cities to offer the concept of "brown granular ghee" drew attention to the brand."The aroma of the ghee attracts me to your store as I pass by the vegetable sellers' stalls," is one of the most cherished comments we've heard from our regulars.

Pure Buffalo Ghee

Prepared from heating pure butter made out of buffalo milk, it is white in colour. It is extraordinarily wealthy in calcium, and could be a good supply of minerals like magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus.

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Pure Cow Ghee

Prepared from heating pure cow butter, it is yellow in colour. Consumption of cow ghee helps in enhancing the bone strength and stamina.

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